We want your voice to be heard as we select 2 artists for large installations at Courtyard 33.

Take this opportunity to check out the submissions and vote for your favourite. 


CY33 has 2 large walls dedicated for murals; one on the exterior East wall of the building on 33rd Avenue, and a second wall inside the expansive courtyard.


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  4. The top 4 voted artists will go to a jury of new homeowners at Courtyard 33 plus a panel of industry experts for the final 2 selections

Ben Arcega


Ben Arcega is a visual artist living and working in Kelowna BC. He earned his BFA in visual arts at UBC Okanagan and primarily paints large scale canvases and murals. He also does freelance illustration work and is hoping to grow his practice in larger city centres like Calgary and Vancouver. Along with his love for making visual art, Ben is passionate about skateboarding, snowboarding, and spending time with his loved ones.

Bradley Harms


Bradley Harms (b. 1971, Winnipeg) uses the language of past painting traditions to address the contemporary cultural experience. Ever mindful of painting’s many histories and -isms, Harms explores both the accord and antagonism between humans and technology. He is at the forefront of Canadian contemporary abstract painting, and has been exhibited widely both within Canada and internationally. Harms earned a BFA from the University of Calgary in 1996 and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004.

Cassie Suche


Cassie Suche is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Calgary. Driven by a curiosity for the fundamental logic of organic forms, Cassie creates her work through systematic explorations which emulate low-level natural processes.


Art Statement:

This piece is called “Speak Softly”, from a series of works which explore the emotional perception of space. The piece aims to encourage mindfulness, inviting viewers to contemplate their interaction with the space they are in, and the energy that they release and encounter each moment.


Curtis Van Charles


Curtis Van Charles is best known for his paintings of animals playfully jumping above the horizon such as his piece 'Grizzlies in the Foothills'. Through his work, Van Charles narrates an authentic adventure through the wilderness near his home in the Canadian Rockies where he finds inspiration for his large-scale mixed media artworks. Van Charles hopes to be recognized as an artist who advocates understanding of our natural surroundings, while promoting conservation and preservation.

Artist Statement:
Bright juicy reds and minty greens in crisp photographic detail fill the foreground, this is contrasted by cotton candy blues and whites expressively painted in the background. These methods produce an exaggerated sense of depth and surreal dream like experience. Because this mural is so tall, the elegant Whooping Crane the tallest bird in North America was chosen to fill the entire composition from top to bottom and side to side. She is scanning the riverbank in search of frogs, crayfish and aquatic plants which will be represented at the bottom in the foreground. This artwork was created in hopes of sharing the joy found in the Canadian outdoors back into our city where viewers can take time to celebrate our natural surroundings.


David Brunning


Artist Statement:
The painting I desire to create for Courtyard 33 is a large scale graffiti abstraction which would integrate elements of graffiti art and abstract paintings, married together in a form that would display vivid color and beautiful composition, similar to landscape imagery with an urban overtone, washed out base sections and harmonious punches of color and design. 


James Wyper


James Wyper is an established Calgary artist whose bright murals and paintings are known for their colour and optimism. Wyper's work is collected internationally, and can be seen in person at Masters Gallery Calgary. 

Artist Statement:
Wyper has been a fan of RNDSQR's architecture for years, and he's designed a simple concept of polychrome brushstrokes for the mural at CY33. At the monumental scale of the mural, the brushstrokes will become architectural elements in their own right, providing a flowing bridge between surrounding volumes of the building, and filling the public space with rich colour. The playful optimism of the work reflects the community spirit and vibrancy of life in Marda Loop, and celebrates CY33's place in that life.


Kalum Teke Dan


Artist Statement:
I did this painting because I believe everyone needs healing and this painting is a representation of the healing process. Many years ago I was stricken and diagnosed with Siriatic Arthritis. My doctor told me I may never walk again as it will affect me in many adverse ways. I have always been driven and have always believed in the ways of my people and I knew the creator wouldn't help me unless I helped myself. I began to work out and strengthen my body as my spirit has driven me to do and slowly I was strong enough to walk again. My spirit was half of what helped me to walk and create art again.

This painting is representative of that time in my life when I refused to accept defeat and I believed in  my body and spirit to help me be who I once was and continue to make this world see the beauty of my culture as well as inspire my people and make them feel pride in who and what they are. But this painting is also to be shared with the world as well so that people will know that there is always hope and there is always healing.


Katie Green & Daniel Kirk

@katiegreenart @danieljkirk

Bio Coming Soon


Kriss Janik

Kriss Janik is an artist practicing out of Calgary, Alberta. He received his BFA from the University of Calgary, and MFA from York University in Toronto. Kriss now works as an Art Facilitator at Prospect Human Services, supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in enhancing their quality of life through increased workforce participation.

Artist statement: 
For this mural, I wanted to create socially engaging work that accentuates the architectural concept. Courtyard 33 is strategically designed to create a social environment that fosters community building. It was important for me to create a mural that not only acknowledges this effort, but plays a role in it. The concept shows fictionalized community members embracing each other. I hope that through this playful rendering, members of the community will be encouraged to hug while taking photos in front of the mural, or even when meeting for a morning coffee. There have been countless scientific studies that show the health benefits of hugging. I hope that this design can encourage others to express their affection more regularly. Alternatively, these characters can also been seen as hugging the wall, thankful for the space that brings them together. 


Kyle Metcalf

For the last 10 years I've been developing a passion for cycling. I've been able to explore a lot of the nooks and crannies of calgary on bike that I wouldn't find myself otherwise. For this image I wanted to to show the silhouette of a cyclist utilizing iconic colours and patterns of the sport in a modern and simplistic way that is sure to catch the eye.


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